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[Linrad] Re: Map65-IQ not receiving data from Linrad

>>One odd thing it that even though I put into par_netsend_ip
>>Linrad reports the ip address as

I had the same problem and I found that apparently linrad requires the line
in the par_netsend_ip file to be followed by a carriage return.

After adding that CR linrad reports the right address and it not
longer shows errors sending the data.

However MAP65-IQ is still reporting "No RX data".

Back to make more tests....

73. Gabriel - EA6VQ
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> w7ami
> Enviado el: domingo, 01 de marzo de 2009 22:09
> Para: Linrad
> Asunto: [Linrad] Map65-IQ not receiving data from Linrad
> Help.   I'm trying to get a new setup of Map65-IQ to work with
> Linrad.   I have set up Linrad according to the quick start setting on
> Joe's page.   I added the par_netsend_ip file with as the
> only text. I set the base report to 50020 and turned off all sends and
> receives except for item #8 which is ON (port50024).   I hit "T" in
> the main menu and Linrad reports that it is in the Netsend and SDR-IQ
> modes.   I installed Map65-IQ ran it and nothing!   It never sees the
> data from Linrad.   If I try to do anything with Map65-IQ the process
> will crash and then I get a Net Send error in Linrad.
> The computer is an Asus P5K-E with a dual core Intel processor running
> Win XP with SP3.   Linrad is up and running and I can see and hear my
> echos there.  Localhost is running and I can ping it.
> One odd thing it that even though I put into par_netsend_ip
> Linrad reports the ip address as
> I also tried it with Vista64 on the same PC with the same results.
> Terry W7AMI
> >

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