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[Linrad] Re: Map65-IQ not receiving data from Linrad


It may be some antivirus program, I know I have had customers using  
OneCal that could not use the localhost.

David GM4JJJ

On 1 Mar 2009, at 23:33, w7ami wrote:

> Follow up to the above.
> I tried putting Map65-IQ on a second computer and BINGO.  It worked
> straight away.   So the I tried turning off the firewall, shouldn't
> have to, and tried localhost again.   Nothing.  So I loaded in the IP
> address of the host PC (both programs running on same PC) and it is
> working.   Turned the firewall back on and still working.   Something
> must be blocking access by one or both of the programs to the
> localhost.

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