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[linrad] swapping

Hi all,

Christoph, DF9CY wrote:

> 8.2. But you should NOT allow Linrad to swap to disk - this results in a 
> complete crash of my machine (3 times now), where I have to unplug it.

Unfortunately I made a programmong error.
During setup you get a question "Allow Linrad to be swapped...."
If you answer Y, Linrad will lock it's memory and thereby prevent 
swapping. Sorry, I made it the other way around.

I have changed the question for Linrad01-20, but the parameter 
in par_userint will work the same way as before.

memlock=0 means Linrad will use mlockall(MCL_CURRENT) to prevent
swapping to disk.

Sorry for the confusion.


Leif / SM5BSZ