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[linrad] Linrad Installation on SuSE 9.1 Linux (My Procedure)

Hello Leif and friends,

SVGALIB 1.1.19 is available now at http://www.svgalib.org !!

Here is a short description of what I made, to get Linrad working on SuSE

I made a complete new installation of Linux SuSE 9.1.


* New file  /etc/profile.local (as root). YOu should NOT extend
Set all path to /bin and /sbin locations:
Reason: for safety issues root is not allowed to compile any programs ...
export Path

* download latest SVGALIB version (1.9.19)

* gunzip svgalib-1.9.19.tar.gz
* tar -xvf svgalib-1.9.19.tar

* change to directory ./svgalib-1.9.19

* try: make install
It shall work on your machine. Maybe the problems were on my machine only.
In case it ends with error messages, continue here:

* edit makefile.cfg (line 133)
should look like this:
# you are going to install the kernel module manually
# INSTALLMODULE = installmodule !! comment out this line like this here
# INSTALLMODULE = installmodule.alt

* now type: make install
this compiles everything, except the kernel module. I had no error here.

* change to directory kernel/svgalib_helper
* type: make
* then: insmod svgalib_helper.o

* Thats it here
* Change to the Linrad directory
* ./configure
* ./make
* try: ./vgatest
* in case of problems edit /etc/vga/svgalib.config and alter settings for
your specific setup.
* when done:
* ./linrad

I have installed a binary section to my home account for Linrad. I have
copied the Linrad executable and the help file(s) there. Also I copied
svgalib_helper.o. A small script makes it easy:
I called it rli (for runlinrad)

su                       # you will be asked for root password here
insmod svgalib_helper.o

I can start it now from any terminal session in kde or gnome WITHOUT any
problems. But it my be better to put the script into the root directory.
This is when you login as root from console (Ctrl-Alt-F2/F3):

cd /home/[myhome]/bin/linrad
insmod svgalib_helper.o

Linrad should work for a standard user also, but it does not so far.

First impressions on SuSE 9.1 with 2.6 Kernel: Absolutely stable ! You can
switch from Linrad to the KDE session (Ctrl-Alt-F7) make some sound
adjustments and back. I did not have ANY crash (except the one with disk
swapping) so far. That is fun.

Good hacking

Christoph DF9CY

Christoph Petermann DF9CY | http://www.df9cy.de

* 144 MHz EME : 1*DK7ZB 9ele 15° elevation 350W (WSJT) / 550W (CW)
* 1296 MHz and up : Operator at DL0SHF
* Magic Band 50 MHz
* Astrophotography