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Re: Softrock EMU Linrad

Hi Ken,

> > Do you really need PatchMix? Maybe you could de-install it and allow
> > Linrad to connect directly to the driver?
> Patchmix - I think - is required because of the FPGA controller on the
> card. The drivers load stuff in there on boot up and then PatchMix
> talks to that - it can do all kinds of tricks - none of which are
> really required for Linrad.
But under Linux it is not needed I presume......

> PatchMix delivers the sound as an ASIO channel (I assume that is what
> LinRad uses)

> - or as a host WAVE device from the point of view of
> Windows (WMME). 
format. New in Linrad-02.40. Before it was only WAVE_FORMAT_WAVEFORMATEX
but that does not work under Vista I have been told. Now Linrad
switches to WAVEFORMATEX if WAVEFORMATEX fails but when it happens,
24 bit does not work and one has to open two devices with two channels
in each one to get a four channel configuration.  

> If you do not have PatchMix set up to do one (or both)
> of these two things, then no sound arrives. Actually, once you have it
> set up the way you want, you do not need to run patchmix again as a
> user - although it is there running in the background. If I tell
> Windows task manager to terminate emupatchmix.exe - it does not stop!
I do not know much about Windows, but it does not seem reasonable 
to me.

What I would try is to find a computer on which neither EMU1212 nor
Patchmix has been installed. I would put the EMU1212 into that
computer and try to use the "Install new hardware" of Windows.
It should find the EMU1212 and then it would ask where to look for the
drive routines. They should be located somewhere on the CD that
belongs to the 1212. I find it difficult to believe that that
procedure would fail. If it works, Linrad should find the driver
and there should be no timing error.
> I guess I could uninstall the Digital Audio System (169 MB) from my
> computer, but I am not ready for that drastic of a step yet!
OK. And how can you know that the de-install really is complete?
Make a simple test on an innocent machine first.....


Leif / SM5BSZ

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