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Linrad-02.41 SDR-IQ bug.

Hi all,

 > There is a bug in Linrad-02.41 that affects only the SDR-IQ.
 > The new parameter by which you can select the point where the
 > 10 dB attenuator is switched in should be set to its maximum
 > value of 25, effectively disabling the 10dB attenuator.
 > If you set the attenuation in the Linrad control box
 > to a value lower (more negative) than your chosen point,
 > the actual attenuation will be 20 dB higher than indicated
 > in the Linrad control box.
 > The error is line 169 in sdr14.c:
 >     t1=-0.05*(fg.gain-10);
 > Should have been:
 >     t1=-0.05*(fg.gain+10);
 > This will be corrected in Linrad-02.42.


Leif / SM5BSZ

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