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I eventually would like to run a dual channel/polarization 2 meter
receive setup.

This means running both Linrad and MAP65.

The recommendation is to run each one on a separate computer and
connect by a network.

I wonder if this is necessary?

If I run both programs on the shack PC, Linrad quickly gets into

But I found that this was apparently due to my wireless LAN getting

If I disable the LAN (actually, I switched to the hardwired port and
pulled the plug out) then the two programs seem to run just fine.

And this is on a rather modest 2.5 GHZ Pentium 4

1) So: are there some reasons not to run both programs in the same box
(assuming I am happy to disable the LAN)?

2) Are there some Windows gurus out there who know how to prevent the
multicast packets from Linrad from trying to "go outside the
box" (while keeping the interprocess communication intact?)
I found that port filtering prevents packets from coming IN, not going

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