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Re: Softrock EMU Linrad

> Do you really need PatchMix? Maybe you could de-install it and allow
> Linrad to connect directly to the driver?

Patchmix - I think - is required because of the FPGA controller on the
card. The drivers load stuff in there on boot up and then PatchMix
talks to that - it can do all kinds of tricks - none of which are
really required for Linrad.

PatchMix delivers the sound as an ASIO channel (I assume that is what
LinRad uses) - or as a host WAVE device from the point of view of
Windows (WMME). If you do not have PatchMix set up to do one (or both)
of these two things, then no sound arrives. Actually, once you have it
set up the way you want, you do not need to run patchmix again as a
user - although it is there running in the background. If I tell
Windows task manager to terminate emupatchmix.exe - it does not stop!

I guess I could uninstall the Digital Audio System (169 MB) from my
computer, but I am not ready for that drastic of a step yet!

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