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Re: Softrock EMU Linrad

Hello Ken,

> OK - here is the response from Creative Labs
>  - - - - -
> "Dear Valued E-MU Customer;
> Thank you for your reply and comments. We have confirmed your findings
> that there is a delay. The problem is not our driver but our PatchMix
> virtual mixer software. To fix this would require a major redesign of
> our PatchMix software which is not likely to happen or happen anytime
> in the near future. This problem is not in any of our USB products. "
>  - - - - -
> I have read elsewhere that the multi-sample delay does not affect the
> USB version - and this confirms that (although I also read that at
> least some of the USB ones have noise problems).
> Anyway - people with the PCI card versions of this otherwise excellent
> A/D board are apparently stuck with the now well-known delay issue at
> rates of 96 and 192k.
> Can Linrad's existing calibration routine's compensate? My softock kit
> arrived in the mail just the other day. I have another project on the
> bench right now, but hope to get the rock working soon!

I do not know. Please try it and report your findings:-)

Do you really need PatchMix? Maybe you could de-install it and allow
Linrad to connect directly to the driver? 

In case that is not possible, perhaps 4Front technology, OSS, has
drivers for Windows now. If not, you could make a new partition
and install Linux. As far as I can understand, ALSA has a driver
for the EMU1212.



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