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R: [Linrad] Linrad-03.06

This weekend I used Linrad-03.06 with Linux and Windows.
 Let me 
askone thing that does not expressly for this version.
 Pressing the "T" key 
and looking to delay of the process, I noticed that
 using the same hardware, 
the value A/D change between windows and linux.
 I try to explain better; the 
value in windows A/D is far from 96,000 (Delta 44 as input)
 is usually around 
to A/D: 95800 or A/D: 95500.
 With Linux the value is very close to 96000  A/D: 
96011 or A/D: 96014.
 I noticed that this difference affects the performance of 
MAP65  that works well if A/D is close to 96000.
 May depend on what (drivers?) 
Can compensate in Linrad this value so that A/D = 96000 ?

 Thank you !

Ermanno / ik7ezn

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