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[Linrad] Re: Linrad-03.06

Hi all

Linrad-03.06 is working here so far  with no problem on SDR-IQ .

Mario, i0naa

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From: "Leif Asbrink" <leif@xxxxxxxxxx>
To: <linrad@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Sent: Friday, May 22, 2009 2:05 PM
Subject: [Linrad] Linrad-03.06

> Hi All,
> There is a new version available for download:
> http://www.sm5bsz.com/linuxdsp/linrad.htm
> EU mirror: http://g7rau.demon.co.uk/sm5bsz/linuxdsp/linrad.htm
> US mirror: http://nitehawk.com/sm5bsz/linuxdsp/linrad.htm
> The new "Newcomer mode" might make it easier for newcomers
> to become familiar with Linrad.
> There are several changes that affect setup. All of it in response
> to the feedback I have received since 03-05.
> The processing is not changed so upgrading from 03-05b should not affect
> anything if you use identical processing parameters.
> I do however appreciate if all of you upgrade and send reports about
> problems you might encounter - or verify that I did not introduce any
> new bugs. Some things are re-structured and errors are always possible....
> There is one rather serious problem for the future.
> Users may set parameters that would require a single thread to use
> e.g. 70% of the total CPU power. That would be ok on a Pentium IV,
> but not on a Centrino Duo. A single thread can not use two processors
> simultaneously so on the Centrino one needs to know CPU load for
> each individual thread.
> Old linux kernels, up to 2.6.7 allow CPU load per thread with
> the get_rusage() function.
> Thanks to Jurgen Bartels who pointed me to an informative Internet
> location Linrad-03.06 evaluates CPU load per thread under Windows.
> BIG PROBLEM: I have not been able to find out how to get the CPU
> load per thread under modern Linux kernels. When searching the Internet
> I get too much information on other things. The good old program top
> has the information and I suppose one could look at the source
> code of top. But I can not find that either:-(
> Another thing:
> There are now 5 WSE systems in stock
> http://www.sm5bsz.com/wse/wse.htm
> I have produced 50 systems in total and I will not produce any
> more WSE units in the future so if you have an interest in these
> dual-channel receivers you should be aware that they may be sold
> out soon. After that they will only be available on the second hand
> market.
> 73
> Leif / SM5BSZ
> > 

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