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[Linrad] Re: Linrad 03.06 and SDR-IQ

Hi Thomas,

> # sudo find /etc -iname s96usb\*
> /etc/rc5.d/S96usb_sdr14
> /etc/rc1.d/S96usb_sdr14
> /etc/rc3.d/S96usb_sdr14
> /etc/rc2.d/S96usb_sdr14
> # ./xlinrad
> U
> A
> Does not show the SDR-IQ, only device no. 63, /dev/dsp
> What can I try?
For all that I can understand, Linrad and drivers are OK 
on your system.

Reset the SDR-IQ by disconnecting it so it no longer has
any DC power. Then connect it again to the computer.
Finally start Linrad. 

You have changed three different softwares, Ubuntu, 
the kernel driver and Linrad. You may try an earlier
version of Linrad that worked before. That way you can
make sure that I did not make any mistake with Linrad.
(I am not aware of having changed anything that would affect
the detection of SDR-IQ but I can not verify since I do 
not have one. SDR-14 is correctly detected however.)
I have never installed Ubuntu 9.04 but I see no reason why
something would go wrong.

There could be a hardware problem. If you have a Windows 
partition, try Spectravue and if that is ok, try Linrad-03.06 
under Windows.

Maybe someone else on this list has tried SDR-IQ under
Ubuntu 9.04 and can tell us what happened.

  Leif / SM5BSZ

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