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[Linrad] Re: MAP65 for SDR-IQ

Hi Ned and all,

AA7A wrote:
> One more update...
> I got it all to work. I had the wrong IP address for the 2nd computer
> on the network. Once I got that right, it all came together.
> Everything working OK, finally.
> ... So, I pulled in a new,
> dual core laptop (actually my wife's computer) running Vista and
> within ten minutes I had MAP65-IQ working on that machine with almost
> imperceptible delay.
> Good stuff. Looking forward to trying this over the upcoming weekend.

One more thing, to you and to others who now have Linrad and 
MAP65-IQ running: please share some comments on performance, 
program features, bugs, etc., here after you have spent some 
  on-the-air time using it.  That will help me a great deal 
in getting the inevitable bugs out, in writing better 
start-up instructions, and maybe even writing a real MAP65 

	-- Joe, K1JT

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