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[Linrad] Re: MAP65 for SDR-IQ

One more update...

I got it all to work. I had the wrong IP address for the 2nd computer
on the network. Once I got that right, it all came together.
Everything working OK, finally.

One thing was clear very quickly. The properties of the CPU running
MAP65-IQ also needs to be above average. I tried using this
application on my laptop that I have used when operating WSJT on
DXpeditions and the delay between processing the data and displaying
the results on MAP65-IQ on the screen is almost a minute. The delay
was on the order of three seconds with WSJT. So, I pulled in a new,
dual core laptop (actually my wife's computer) running Vista and
within ten minutes I had MAP65-IQ working on that machine with almost
imperceptible delay.

Good stuff. Looking forward to trying this over the upcoming weekend.


On Mar 3, 5:11 am, "nedstea...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <nedstea...@xxxxxxxxx>
> I have a similar finding here. My preliminary results were on a thread
> a few days ago. i am joining this thread
> to add what little I have learned.
> After finally using the latest version of Linrad (3.02), I got it to
> accept an IP address of my choice. However, whenever I toggled the
> output over the network, my CPU would lock up. After some
> experimentation, I tried to alter the priority of the Linrad
> application. Others had mentioned adjusting that with limited success.
> I found by changing it from HIGH to ABOVE NORMAL, I finally got Linrad
> to not lock up when enabling the output across the network. I have no
> idea whether data is in fact going anywhere, I just know that the
> Linrad application is operating normally with the priority set to the
> lower level.
> I still get the same error message in the startup screen on MAP65-IQ
> when it is launched on the same CPU as is running Linrad.
> As another experiment, I tried using the IP address to another
> computer on my network and then running MAP65-IQ on that computer. I
> now see data on the network by observing the activity indications on
> my router and I no longer get any error messages in the MAP65-IQ
> startup screen on the2nd computer. It seems to indicate that it is
> accepting unicast data from Linrad. However, the main MAP65-IQ screen
> is indicating No RX Data in a red box on the bottom of the window.
> Will post more if/when I find more.
> Ned
> AA7A

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