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[Linrad] Re: MAP65 for SDR-IQ

I have Linrad(win) installed and sort-of working (have to verify if 
the SDR-IQ is sending it data), and installed MAP65-iq (it 
launches).  I have been saving all the e-mail in anticipation of 
encountering some same issues getting it running.  This is in the new 
Dell Vostro duoCore-2 2.33GB computer running XP-pro (with all auto upgrades).

I currently run JT-65 (v5.9.0) with my FT-847 thru the soundcard of 
my 9-year old P3-866 which runs win2000pro.

I split the 144-MHz output of my 2nd preamp between the FT-847 
(modified for separate Rx antenna) and the DEMI 144/28 that feeds a 
MAR-6 IFamp to the SDR-IQ.  I have previously verified good 
performance using either Spectravue or Winrad.

With this setup I can monitor either polarity of my 2m-eme array by 
switching the Rx-pol coax relay.  Now that I (finally) have my 8877 
amp running, I will be able to put some attention to getting MAP65 
working with Linrad.

So PLEASE keep posting your trials in getting MAP65 working...I'll be 
following close behind!

73, Ed - KL7UW

At 05:24 AM 3/3/2009, Joe Taylor wrote:

>Hi Ned and all,
>AA7A wrote:
> > One more update...
> >
> > I got it all to work. I had the wrong IP address for the 2nd computer
> > on the network. Once I got that right, it all came together.
> > Everything working OK, finally.
> >
> > ... So, I pulled in a new,
> > dual core laptop (actually my wife's computer) running Vista and
> > within ten minutes I had MAP65-IQ working on that machine with almost
> > imperceptible delay.
> >
> > Good stuff. Looking forward to trying this over the upcoming weekend.
>One more thing, to you and to others who now have Linrad and
>MAP65-IQ running: please share some comments on performance,
>program features, bugs, etc., here after you have spent some
>   on-the-air time using it.  That will help me a great deal
>in getting the inevitable bugs out, in writing better
>start-up instructions, and maybe even writing a real MAP65
>         -- Joe, K1JT

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