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[Linrad] Re: MAP65 for SDR-IQ

Hi Guy, Ned, and all,

I will be traveling later this week, and have much to do 
before leaving.  I'll try to keep up with questions posted 
here as best I can ...

> I should add that this is a stand-alone  computer, 2.8GHz Celeron,
> single core,
> 1.5GB RAM and running XP (SP2).
> This machine is dedicated to running Linrad, WSJT6 (or MAP65-IQ), and
> Tac32.

Very similar to what I'm using (2.8 GHz Pentium 4, 1.5 GB 

> It has no network connection to the outside world, and no plug-in
> Ethernet card.
> Perhaps I am naive, but I assumed that the machine would talk to
> itself without one.

There should be no need for an Ethernet card.

> I first tried disabling the Windows Firewall - no effect, which was no
> surprise.
> I then followed Joe's advice, and changed the ip address in
> par_netsend_ip
> to
> The computer was not configured to have an ip address (none needed),
> so I gave it one from the usual series. I may not have done this
> right!
> Anyway, it didn't help.

You can issue the command "ipconfig" from a command-prompt 
window to get your machine's IP address.

> I just tried putting the CR after in par_netsend_ip ,
> as Gabriel suggested.
> The netsend error vanished, and Linrad pretty much froze up,
> though after about 1 minute the mouse was useable!
> Still no data in MAP65-IQ.

OK, you're making progress.  Surely Linrad should be able to 
run and send network packets without freezing up (or even 
slowing down).  We need to get this straightened out first.

> I tried changing the priority of Linrad (which one of 2 processes?)
> with no improvement.
> I mean there are 2 linrad processes running in TM, one with a DOS-type
> icon,
> the other different.

Hmmm, I see only one... ?  On my Windows computers Linrad 
runs best at "Above Normal" priority.

 From Ned:
> One thing was clear very quickly. The properties of the CPU running
> MAP65-IQ also needs to be above average. I tried using this
> application on my laptop that I have used when operating WSJT on
> DXpeditions and the delay between processing the data and displaying
> the results on MAP65-IQ on the screen is almost a minute. The delay
> was on the order of three seconds with WSJT. So, I pulled in a new,
> dual core laptop (actually my wife's computer) running Vista and
> within ten minutes I had MAP65-IQ working on that machine with almost
> imperceptible delay.

It runs OK on my fairly old IBM T40 laptop (1.4 GHz, 1 GB).

On the question of CPU load and program timing: In general, 
Linrad has nearly constant demands on CPU and memory when 
running in a specified configuration.  Once properly 
configured, it should just purr along at xx% CPU usage, all 
the time.  On my laptop, "xx" is about 18%; on my 2.8 GHz 
Pentium 4 it's about 13%; on a newer dual core machine it's 
about 3%.

MAP65, on the other hand, does nearly all of its heavy 
processing near the end of an Rx minute.  Processing after 
the very first complete Rx minute following program startup 
will take significantly longer than subsequent minutes; the 
FFT3W routines are "training" themselves for best 
performance of the necessary FFTs on your particular computer.

Yes, MAP65 needs more computer than WSJT.  (After all, when 
covering 60 kHz or so of the band, MAP65 is like 50 or so 
WSJT processes all running in parallel.)  It certainly does 
not need a supercomputer, however.  Both programs run fine 
on my 5-year-old office computer (the Pentium 4), and even 
on my similarly aged laptop.

NB: if we turn out to need some diagnostic capability for 
the networking connection between Linrad and MAP65 on some 
people's computers, I wrote a couple of programs that were 
very useful to me in getting it all to work in the first 
place.  One simulates proper Linrad actions by sending data 
packets to MAP65-IQ; the other simulates MAP65-IQ actions by 
receiving packets from Linrad.  I can make these programs 
available to others if that turns out to be necessary.

	-- Joe, K1JT

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