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[Linrad] MAP65-IQ + Linrad

Hi All,

I have MAP65-IQ and Linrad Running on one laptop.:-) For this I had to
move to a better laptop. I am using now
AMD3600+ with 2Gb RAM Laptop running Vista.

The connection between Linrad and MAP65-IQ is very sensitive and often
resulting in Linrad
freezing. But when I first start MAP65-IQ and then Linrad it seems the
most stable and is running
here for one hour or more without any problems.

At first I couldn't get any decodes while the spectrum display of
linrad was clearly showing JT65b
signals. I could fix this by correcting the laptop timing. Now I could
get decodes of EA6VQ, RK3FG
etc, the stronger stations.  The weaker stations I saw on the
waterfall didn't decode.
I ran also some tests with the GB3VHF beacon. The signal was clearly
audiable but no decode's.
When running WSJT on the soundcard decoding is no problem

Are more stations experience the no decode problem?

74 Rob PE1ITR

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