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[Linrad] Re: MAP65-IQ + Linrad

Hi Rob,

By now you have probably solved this problem... it must be 
the same one others have had.  Try running Linrad at "Above 
Normal" priority -- and let us know if this fixes things for 

	-- 73, Joe, K1JT

pe1itr wrote:
> Hi All,
> I have MAP65-IQ and Linrad Running on one laptop.:-) For this I had to
> move to a better laptop. I am using now
> AMD3600+ with 2Gb RAM Laptop running Vista.
> The connection between Linrad and MAP65-IQ is very sensitive and often
> resulting in Linrad
> freezing. But when I first start MAP65-IQ and then Linrad it seems the
> most stable and is running
> here for one hour or more without any problems.
> At first I couldn't get any decodes while the spectrum display of
> linrad was clearly showing JT65b
> signals. I could fix this by correcting the laptop timing. Now I could
> get decodes of EA6VQ, RK3FG
> etc, the stronger stations.  The weaker stations I saw on the
> waterfall didn't decode.
> I ran also some tests with the GB3VHF beacon. The signal was clearly
> audiable but no decode's.
> When running WSJT on the soundcard decoding is no problem
> Are more stations experience the no decode problem?
> 74 Rob PE1ITR
> > 

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