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[Linrad] Perseus


I am stuck? I have Perseus software working fine. I am trying to use Perseus hardware with Linrad-03.00a.

I have loaded the perseususb.dll; and all of the .sbs (ex:perseus125k24v21.sbs) files into the Same Folder that I Configure  Make Linrad-03-00a. "U" allows me to choose Perseus. I run through the setup "D" and Linrad starts but then stops with the following message:

(1092)Unable to program the Perseus FPGA;
FPGA bitstream file not found.
Make sure the appropriate perseusxxxxx.sbs file is present
in the Linrad directory

Is my "FOLDER" Linrad-03-00a the same as "LINRAD directory"?

Thank you Stan, KA1ZE/3

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