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[Linrad] Re: Windows: Soundcard oddities.


With the Quartet as input for Linrad and using WAVEFORMATEXTENSIBLE, if 
I select Realtek onboard sound as the Windows default [which is my 
norm], then I get 48 kHz bandwidth.  This is using the Realtek as output 
for Linrad.

If I select VAC 1 as the windows default, and keep the Quartet as Linrad 
input and Realtek as the Linrad output, I get 96 kHz bandwidth, better 
but still half of what the Quartet will give when I don't use 

If I select Realtek as the Windows default, and keep the Quartet as 
Linrad input and select VAC 1 as Linrad output, I get 48 kHz bandwidth.

I don't have any other soundcards installed, so I can't test other 

Only if I don't select WAVEFORMATEXTENSIBLE do I get the full 192 kHz 

This is no problem for me, as I have plenty of dynamic range with 16 bits.


Roger Rehr

On 1/28/2009 12:34 PM, Leif Asbrink wrote:
> Hi All,
> Today I made a couple of experiments on my laptop:
> I have set Linrad up for 8kHz sampling in one directory
> and 48kHz in another.
> When I start a first instance of Linrad sampling at 48 kHz
> I get a bandwidth of about 16 kHz. I can then start a
> second instance sampling at 8 kHz without any protest
> from Windows. Both instances seem to be running
> happily at their respective rates.
> BUT if I start a first instance of Linrad sampling at
> 8 kHz and then start a second instance sampling at
> 48 kHz I no longer get 16 kHz bandwidth, I get only
> 8 kHz. It seems the first issue commands the hardware
> (which presumably is just another software layer)
> and that the second instance is not allowed to change
> the "primary" sampling rate. It just resamples to
> produce the higher rate.
> In Windows the sound input is a public resource shared by
> all programs. In case your system has some software
> that wants (the standard) 48 kHz, all other programs
> (e.g. Linrad) will get the 48 kHz data stream upsampled
> to 96 or 192 kHz.
> To try to solve this problem, open the Control Panel.
> Then open "Sound and Soundcard Devices"
> (I do not know the exact English text, my Windows
> version is in Swedish)
> The third pull-down menu "Devices" allows you to
> change the default devices.
> Change the default recording device to the motheboard
> device, bluetooth sound or whatever other device that
> might be available besides the one you want to use for
> Linrad.
> The above may help, or it may not. Please report your
> findings to the list.
> On my laptop the bandwidth is always limited to 16 kHz
> under Windows regardless what I do. Under Linux I
> get 48 kHz......
>     73
>    Leif / SM5BSZ
> >

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