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[Linrad] Re: Perseus

Hello Stan,

> I am stuck? I have Perseus software working fine. 
> I am trying to use Perseus hardware with Linrad-03.00a.
> I have loaded the perseususb.dll; and all of the .sbs
> (ex:perseus125k24v21.sbs) files into the Same Folder that I 
> Configure? Make Linrad-03-00a. "U" allows me to choose Perseus. 
> I run through the setup "D" and Linrad starts but then 
> stops with the following message:
> (1092)Unable to program the Perseus FPGA;
> FPGA bitstream file not found.
> Make sure the appropriate perseusxxxxx.sbs file is present
> in the Linrad directory
> Is my "FOLDER" Linrad-03-00a the same as "LINRAD directory"?
All you did is correct, but Nico has made an upgrade that
I was unaware of. Linrad looks for the files you can find
at the top of perseus.c and they carry a lower version

In order to use more recent versions it will be necessary
to put the appropriate "Key48" information into perseus.c
as well as to change the file names. It may work directly,
but there may also be some change that requires code mods
in Linrad.

I will discuss this with Nico and update Linrad as required
and in the meantime, I suggest you try to find the
"the appropriate perseusxxxxx.sbs" files.
I will change the error message to actually give a list of
the files Linrad expects you to have for future Linrad versions.



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