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[Linrad] Using Linrad and SDR-IQ for AM Radio

Hi all,

Maybe it is a question that not closely related to Linrad.

I want to use SDR-IQ to listen to local AM Radio stations, since SDR-
IQ's highest capturing BW is 40MHz and not suitable for FM stations.
I've made a GND line to the outer surface of SDR-IQ's coaxial jack,
and inserted a 3-m long line into the center of that jack.

Next, I launch Linrad and go into AM mode. I switch the SDR-IQ's
central frequency to the frequency of local station. No matter how I
adjust the filter, only noises (like sounds of wind) come out of my
loudspeakers, although I do see some meaningful patterns on the

Here are some snapshots


Do I need any special configuration on Linrad? I just used the default
configurations of AM mode and 8kHz output sampling frequency.

I am a greenhand to Linrad. Looking forward to your help!

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