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[Linrad] Windows: Soundcard oddities.

Hi All,

Today I made a couple of experiments on my laptop:

I have set Linrad up for 8kHz sampling in one directory
and 48kHz in another.

When I start a first instance of Linrad sampling at 48 kHz
I get a bandwidth of about 16 kHz. I can then start a
second instance sampling at 8 kHz without any protest
from Windows. Both instances seem to be running
happily at their respective rates.

BUT if I start a first instance of Linrad sampling at
8 kHz and then start a second instance sampling at
48 kHz I no longer get 16 kHz bandwidth, I get only
8 kHz. It seems the first issue commands the hardware
(which presumably is just another software layer)
and that the second instance is not allowed to change
the "primary" sampling rate. It just resamples to
produce the higher rate.

In Windows the sound input is a public resource shared by
all programs. In case your system has some software
that wants (the standard) 48 kHz, all other programs
(e.g. Linrad) will get the 48 kHz data stream upsampled
to 96 or 192 kHz.

To try to solve this problem, open the Control Panel.
Then open "Sound and Soundcard Devices"
(I do not know the exact English text, my Windows
version is in Swedish)

The third pull-down menu "Devices" allows you to
change the default devices.

Change the default recording device to the motheboard 
device, bluetooth sound or whatever other device that
might be available besides the one you want to use for

The above may help, or it may not. Please report your 
findings to the list.

On my laptop the bandwidth is always limited to 16 kHz 
under Windows regardless what I do. Under Linux I 
get 48 kHz......


  Leif / SM5BSZ

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