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[Linrad] Re: Linux SDR IQ FT245 driver and generic FT245 driver

A much better way to achieve the same result is to use the FTDI
utility to change the PID/VID of the ft245 on the SDR-IQ (tnx G4JNT,
see http://www.ftdichip.com/Resources/Utilities.htm#MProg). Then
change correspondingly in ft245.c and all is good again.

73 xtof on4iy

On Jan 6, 1:14 pm, Xtof <xtof.huyg...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I was able to solve this as follows after a lot of digging, mainly
> re usb subsystem. I was hoping to solve at level of hal or udev
> but this did not work as the first loaded module kept eating
> all the ft245 based hardware.
> 1. Change the ft245 module code so that probe only can run
> "yr number of sdr-iqs" (2.6 kernel section).
> 2. blacklist ft245 and ftdi_sdi modules in modprobe.conf so that
> they don t load automagically based on aliases
> 3. load ft245 then ftdi_sdio so that they register in this sequence to
> usbcore
> 4. now for the first devices that you plug in (the sdr-iqs) ft245 will
> be used and subsequently ft245-based devices will use ftdi_sio
> Not bulletproof, but close enough for me.
> 73 xtof on4iy
> PS: life would be so much easier if hardware vendors got a
> product id block from FDTI when using their chips. But I
> guess Microsoft wants $$$ for driver recertification if you
> change even a single bit...
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