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[Linrad] Re: Linux SDR IQ FT245 driver and generic FT245 driver

I was able to solve this as follows after a lot of digging, mainly
re usb subsystem. I was hoping to solve at level of hal or udev
but this did not work as the first loaded module kept eating
all the ft245 based hardware.

1. Change the ft245 module code so that probe only can run
"yr number of sdr-iqs" (2.6 kernel section).
2. blacklist ft245 and ftdi_sdi modules in modprobe.conf so that
they don t load automagically based on aliases
3. load ft245 then ftdi_sdio so that they register in this sequence to
4. now for the first devices that you plug in (the sdr-iqs) ft245 will
be used and subsequently ft245-based devices will use ftdi_sio

Not bulletproof, but close enough for me.

73 xtof on4iy

PS: life would be so much easier if hardware vendors got a
product id block from FDTI when using their chips. But I
guess Microsoft wants $$$ for driver recertification if you
change even a single bit...
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