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[linrad] Visit by Leif Asbrink

Dear Roger,

I've been in frequent touch with Leif recently, and am happy to report 
that he has decided to come to the EME conference in August.  He will be 
staying with my wife and me, at least from about August 3-7.  Of course 
we will see you at the conference, but I am wondering whether we might 
drive over to Reading for an "eyeball QSO" on Wednesday, August 4.

Of course, you will probably be at work on that day, or it might be 
inconvenient for another reason.  An alternative for Leif, at least, is 
that he might be able to visit you after the conference.  I will be 
leaving for another conference (in Europe) on August 8.

Let me know if any of this might be workable for you.

		-- 73, Joe, K1JT