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[linrad] MoonSked for Linux

Some time ago the question was asked if there is any Moon tracking  
software for Linux available.

Well, I have just released the first version of my Moon Tracking and  
Scheduling program 'MoonSked' for Linux.

Full details and downloads from  

Validated (so far) with: RedHat 9 - Fedora Core 2 - Mandrake 9.2 - SuSE  

Product Description:

	? 	 Track Moon and Sun Position in Realtime
	? 	 World Maps shows Moon Footprint
	? 	 Sked Maker calculates best time for Moon Bounce (EME) contacts  
between 2 stations
	? 	 Displays Moon Bounce Schedules (Imports SKD87 files)
	? 	 Moon Graph shows Monthly Moon data in graphical for Printout  
Schedules, Predictions and Graphs.
	? 	 Uses and displays Directory of Moonbounce stations (DIR.SKD)
	? 	 Tracks Celestial Radio Sources in realtime
	? 	 Callfinder with intelligent 'has moon' calculator
	? 	 Links to your email program for easy scheduling with other stations
	? 	 Exports Az/El data for Integration with Rotator Control programs
	? 	 Easy Interface allows rapid choice of suitable date and time for  
EME schedules
	? 	 50MHz to 47GHz Doppler shift calculations between Stations
	? 	 50/144MHz/432MHz Background Sky Temperature
	? 	 Grid Location entry
	? 	 Moon Range and DGR dB loss
	? 	 Spatial Polarity and calculation of Maximum Non Reciprocity

MoonSked for Linux/x86 requires GTK+ 2.0 or better. Depending on your
distribution of Linux, you may already have this pre-installed. However,
you can download and install the GTK+ 2.0 libraries from www.gtk.org.
You may also find pre-built libraries from your Linux distributor's  

David Anderson, GM4JJJ         E-mail: david@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Try MoonSked software - Tracking, Prediction, Scheduling and much more.
Available for Linux, Windows or Macintosh. Also PalmTrack for Palm OS.
iCluster - Macintosh DX-Cluster Telnet access made easy!
Mac HP GPS Control - HP Z3801A Time & Frequency Standard.