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RE: [linrad] MoonSked for Linux

I am glad that this did not stop Roger and I from successfully completing
a QSO over >160 km path on 24 Ghz with two S7 signals.  We were on
Camelback Mtn in Eastern Pennsylvania and Roger was at his new VHF+
site.   All of the work Roger has done on his new VHF+ site is clearly well
worth it.  I was using a DB6NT transverter,  W2PED waveguide filter,
two Relcomm waveguide filters and a W2PED 2 watt amplifier and an 18 inch
dish whose beamwidth was a pencil.  It took Roger and I almost
an hour to get lined up.  Concerning Roger's new site, I am envious indeed!


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Hi, David,

I ran into some computer issues with my wireless link while trying to
improve system security, and then our national June VHF contest was this
weekend, so I haven't had a chance to try the software yet.

As a result of the above, I ended up doing operating system reinstalls on 3
of 4 computers here and don't have things back up to snuff yet.  When I have
things running again I will try MoonSked Linux and send you my comments.

I apologize for the delay.  I would much rather have been testing MoonSked
than playing [unsuccessfully] with IPCop, multiple versions of LEAF, and
doing reinstalls !!

Have a great week, and thanks for all of your great work!