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[linrad] more info on sound cards

I had heard of this company last year but they were not then releasing their
products. Now they have high-end professional miniature recording devices and
specifically wrote the OPEN-SOURCE drivers for linux!

The recording device is digital input and then they sell a high-end A/D
converter that has internally jumper settable sampling rates as high as 192Ks/s
They claim a freq response (maybe modifiable by removing a LPF?) to 40KHz @
0.1dB and 115-135dB dynamic range  look at:

And here is another professional sound card manufacturer I just found and they
advertise that ALSA open source drivers work with their pcmcia cards. The linux
drivers are on their website. But their various pcmcia cards only have 48Ks/s
and 88-93dB dynamic range.

And according to the ALSA webpage, they support the M-Audio USB products:

So perhaps this information will help all of us