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[linrad] RE:Speech processing (Linrad-01.25)

Hi Pierre,

You can never cause a segmentation error by doing something
wrong. The reason is always bad programming one way or another.
Sometimes it is related to svgalib, ALSA or incompatibility
between them, but this time (with so much new Linrad code)
I am pretty certain the problem is caused by some mistake I
have made.

Were you able to use option B with the file containing my 
phonetics? (or is it to big to download?)

Can you select the A option and listen to your own phonetics
after exiting and restarting Linrad?

When I know I will send a test version of settx.c off-list to 
find out what is the cause of the error by having a debug 
file written.


Leif   /   SM5BSZ

> After the setup of the par_tx file and the recording of the 
> phonetics with my 
> own voice, i get a '5793 segmentation fault' when I select the 
> option B  to 
> evaluate the speech processing. 
> The content of the par_tx file is:
> A/D speed [48000]
> D/A speed [96000]
> A/D device no [8]
> D/A device no [1]
> D/A channels [1]
> A/D channels [1]
> D/A bytes [2]
> A/D bytes [2]
> Check [5300125]
> Any idea of what I am doing wrong ?
> 73,
> Pierre/ON5GN