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Re: [linrad] RE:Speech processing (Linrad-01.25)

Hi, Leif,

Thanks for adding the correction for strong signals to 01-25.  The problem  
with signal broadening is fixed ;)

I also got a segmentation fault after completing the 'parameter setting'  
portion of the 'transmitter test' function.

The receiver portion of 01-25 seems to be working very well.  I spent some  
time playing with it.  2 meter eme was quiet, so I contented myself  
listening to IK3MAC for a little bit as he was the only one on.  But he  
sounded like he was sitting in my driveway, and was '599' speaker copy  
with Linrad 01-25 ;).  I also listened to some New Englanders on  
terrestrial SSB on 2 meters, but I am working this weekend so I couldn't  
stick around longer to see if anyone else came on EME, or play further  
with the transmitter.

I had no noise today so I couldn't play with the noise blankers.

By the way, I think the possibility of a Linrad Transmitter is a superb  
one ;)


Roger Rehr

On Sat, 25 Sep 2004 14:01:36 +0200, Leif Åsbrink  
<leif.asbrink@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi Pierre,
> You can never cause a segmentation error by doing something
> wrong. The reason is always bad programming one way or another.
> Sometimes it is related to svgalib, ALSA or incompatibility
> between them, but this time (with so much new Linrad code)
> I am pretty certain the problem is caused by some mistake I
> have made.
> Were you able to use option B with the file containing my
> phonetics? (or is it to big to download?)
> Can you select the A option and listen to your own phonetics
> after exiting and restarting Linrad?
> When I know I will send a test version of settx.c off-list to
> find out what is the cause of the error by having a debug
> file written.
> 73
> Leif   /   SM5BSZ
>> After the setup of the par_tx file and the recording of the
>> phonetics with my
>> own voice, i get a '5793 segmentation fault' when I select the
>> option B  to
>> evaluate the speech processing.
>> The content of the par_tx file is:
>> A/D speed [48000]
>> D/A speed [96000]
>> A/D device no [8]
>> D/A device no [1]
>> D/A channels [1]
>> A/D channels [1]
>> D/A bytes [2]
>> A/D bytes [2]
>> Check [5300125]
>> Any idea of what I am doing wrong ?
>> 73,
>> Pierre/ON5GN

Roger Rehr