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Re: [linrad] Speech processing (Linrad-01.25)

On Sat, 2004-09-25 at 13:26, wb9uwa@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Hi Leif,
> Over the years I have done quit a bit of experimentation with
> audio (and RF) processing for the SSB transmitter.  It is my opinion
> that audio equalization is perhaps more important then level processing.


> A full implementation of this might be difficult and expensive when
> done with hardware, but could be relatively cheap and easy when
> done in software.

Hi All,

After a move from ZL to VK4, I am back following the Linrad list. When
the gear arrives I might even get an installation working...
As a test of whether I can post, can add my support to what Jim has
said. Some 20 years ago I built an HF transceiver using the Plessey
SL600 chips and SL521 limiter in the IF with ladder filters before and
after the clipping. I would be interested to know whether what is
essentially an analogue problem/solution is "cheap and easy" to
implement digitally.

73 Brian.