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Re: [linrad] SVGALIB installation problem Hurra!

No serious pb..yesterday , I tested 1st the LINUX sound , it worked , then 
I ran LINRAD and all looks OK , except a few minor problems.
-For some reason the symbolic link for the shared libraries , even if I 
typed the commands Leif gave on his web site , did'nt worked. So I copied 
manually the SVGAxxxx.so into the right directory and renamed it, then it 
was OK.
-Screen is very , very dark in LINRAD , only possible to see something in 
a dark room , so I have to choose the right driver into SVGALIB config ( I 
am using an old ATI AGP board ) , and mouse is completely mad , also 
something to change in the same file , I'll do it ASAP when I have some 
73's Dom