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[linrad] RE: Front end for Linrad

> I tried F1 in my copy but it doesnt seem to work _ I am not sure of the 
> reason for this, but I have been hacking things around a bit.
You have to have the files *.lir (help.lir and errors.lir) in the
logged dircetory, the one from which linrad is launched.
Please read my previous posting more carefully. You seem to
start linrad from various places because you have found parameter
files at various places. 

> Would it be worth getting the project set up on a CVS repository like 
> SourceForge?
I have no idea what it would mean. I am reluctant to take responsibility
for maintaining linrad in formats I am unfamiliar with.

> You might attract a few more serious programmers then. Of course it 
> would be some work, which could be used for more productive activity.
> OK on the location of parameter files
But not on the lir files;-)

> I will continue to try to understand Qt....
(and I have no idea what it is....)

Actually the best help for me is feedback about practical usage
on various modes and bands. Files recorded under marginal 
circumstances where copy is well below 100% because of interference
or distortions to the signal of various kinds that could perhaps
be treated more cleverly in software.

Sure Linrad would benefit from other programmers getting involved,
but I think it is still a bit early. Real programmers are scared 
away by the "messy code" and all the fixes needed to take care
of timing issues in a single-threaded application. It will become
much easier when these problems are resolved.