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[linrad] Few Linrad questiions

I'm newbie here so have a few questions about linrad installation. I'm trying to install it on 3 different computers.

1. PIII-866/i810e-dc133/128mB.
Does anybody use linrad on computer with i810E-dc133 video. I had install all stuff, vgatest working fine, but linrad gives black screen after few steps when I go in graphic text windows in initial setup. Using vesa driver, because i810 gives a segmentation fault error.

2. My notebook P4M/256/has i8x0 sound. I compiled kernel with OSS sound as module, load soundcore, i810_audio & ac97_sound modules. Open sound card in WR mode. After that program halt with follow error
/INTERNAL ERROR: 1027 (errno=2_
routine:set_analog_io   file:setad.c
Failed to set no of channels (should never happen).
/ Any ideas. Should I use OSS package from open opensound.com? I'm planning to add usb sound card for this setup./
3. PIII-700/256/NVIDIA VGA/EMU10K sound (oss)
Linrad is working OK, but I can not only switch on coh1, coh2 ... filters. When I put the button it does not change nothing.

On all computers I use gentoo linux with kernel 2.6.10-r4



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