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Re: [linrad] Few Linrad questiions

I think you may be the first person on the list to get svgalib running with a 2.6.10 kernel. No one else has admitted to doing so, IIRC. SO I think you may be ahead of the curve ;)

My comments below are all limited by the fact that I am at a remote location from where my Linux boxes are, and my memory is poor ;)

On Fri, 11 Feb 2005 19:52:51 +0300, Dmitry Dmitriev <ra3aq@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi All.

I'm newbie here so have a few questions about linrad installation. I'm trying to install it on 3 different computers.

1. PIII-866/i810e-dc133/128mB.
Does anybody use linrad on computer with i810E-dc133 video.

On my latest system the graphics are Intel Extreme Graphics 2, which uses the I915 driver. I have to select VESA driver in the svgalib config file for svgalib to work with this driver, just as you do with the I810 driver. Then things work fine. If I don't force the VESA driver, svgalib won't work. The svgalib video drivers are just not satisfactory for many flavors of video. This has been true since day 1 for me.

install all stuff, vgatest working fine, but linrad gives black screen after few steps when I go in graphic text windows in initial setup. Using vesa driver, because i810 gives a segmentation fault error.

Have you tried selecting various screen [resolution] options in Linrad setup? Do they all fail, or only some of them? I find that some 'supported' resolutions do not work properly.

2. My notebook P4M/256/has i8x0 sound. I compiled kernel with OSS sound as module, load soundcore, i810_audio & ac97_sound modules. Open sound card in WR mode. After that program halt with follow error
/INTERNAL ERROR: 1027 (errno=2_
routine:set_analog_io   file:setad.c
Failed to set no of channels (should never happen).
/ Any ideas. Should I use OSS package from open opensound.com? I'm planning to add usb sound card for this setup./

Robert mentioned that your computer might just have mono sound. This seems like a good thought. I don't know what that might do with Linrad, but it could do bad things. Maybe someone else has tried Linrad in this situation?

I have had full sucess with my soundcards [Delta44 plus any one of 4 or 5 other choices as the second card] only with the full version of OSS, as downloaded from 4Front Technology website. This will not install properly if you have sound drivers previously installed as modules/in the kernel. These must be deinstalled to do the OSS installation. You may not be able to deinstall them while in X Windows. Some of this might be pertinent to your situation.

3. PIII-700/256/NVIDIA VGA/EMU10K sound (oss)
Linrad is working OK, but I can not only switch on coh1, coh2 ... filters. When I put the button it does not change nothing.

I suspect this may be a function of parameter choices? I will make a guess that may bring the correct answer out of the woodwork ;) Leif says on this page http://www.sm5bsz.com/linuxdsp/run/basebgr.htm that " Coherent modes will work only if the fft size is large enough". Perhaps you need to change FFT size when you are setting up parameters? This page and many other useful pages are accessed from the Linrad home page:
http://www.sm5bsz.com/linuxdsp/linrad.htm .

I hope the above helps somewhat. Those more in the know may correct/add to the above ;)



On all computers I use gentoo linux with kernel 2.6.10-r4



Roger Rehr