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[linrad] RE: Few Linrad questiions

> 1. PIII-866/i810e-dc133/128mB.
> Does anybody use linrad on computer with i810E-dc133 video. I had 
> install all stuff, vgatest working fine, but linrad gives black screen 
> after few steps when I go in  graphic text windows in initial setup. 
> Using vesa driver, because i810 gives a segmentation fault error.
If you get a black screen (or any useless screen), press "S" to get
back to text mode to try another alternative.
If this does not work you have probably detected a bug in the 2.6.10-r4
core. Did you select "N" for "use memlockall" ?

> 2. My notebook P4M/256/has i8x0 sound. I compiled kernel with OSS  sound 
> as module, load soundcore, i810_audio & ac97_sound modules. Open sound 
> card in WR mode. After that program halt with follow error
> /INTERNAL ERROR: 1027 (errno=2_ routine:set_analog_io   file:setad.c
> Failed to set no of channels (should never happen).
> / Any ideas. Should I use OSS package from open opensound.com? I'm 
> planning to add usb sound card for this setup./
This is a problem in linrad that I no longer remember the details of. I have made
some changes to accomodate for the new OSS application program
interface recently and there may still be some errors. Try linrad-01.28
(or earlier) which should not have this problem. With this version
(and earlier) be careful to set the true hardware sampling speed, you
can set any speed but that forces oss to make a rate conversion that
may be problematic for linrad.  Once you have 01-28 running, you can copy
 the par_userint file to your linrad-01-31a installation. 

> 3. PIII-700/256/NVIDIA VGA/EMU10K sound (oss)
> Linrad is working OK, but I can not only switch on coh1, coh2 ... 
> filters. When I put the button it does not change nothing.
Do you have two output channels on this computer?
The coherent modes require stereo head-phones.
 (Except for coh3, but I have not allowed it because one has to understand
how it works to use it properly and the other modes should be helpful for that.
coh2 is better to use on really difficult signals while coh3 improves S/N for
a signal that is good enough to never loose tha carrier. )

> On all computers I use gentoo linux with kernel 2.6.10-r4
I have never tried this one so I do not know if there is something particular
with this distribution/kernel.