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[linrad] Linrad and 64 bits

I tried to setup Linrad on a 64 bits system, but I did not succeed.

svgalib doesn't give any error, and behaves just as on 32 bits systems.
nasm doesn't give any error and behaves just as on 32 bits systems.

Linrad itself gives an error during the make process (a matter of
integer not of the proper size). I can supply the exact error ( module,
function, line number and the error message) but I do not think it is
very important to change the source for that.

About Linrad use, I am still fighting with the audio board to give good
information. So I haven't tried to adjust the parameters for any

As a start, I would like to feed linrad with the output of my TS790 for
an evaluation. A long term goal, could be for me to setup the complete
WSE to detect Weak signals, but, at present time, the price of such an
equipment prevents me from doing it.

Very 73