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RE: [linrad] Re: Linux and graphics cards

I saw this after I had posted the other one.

At 18:27 03/01/22 +0000, Conrad G0RUZ wrote:
>If I quit to the first screen and then change consoles there appears to be
>absolutely no problems. I can switch and be up and running in a matter of
>seconds. I have NEVER crashed the machine switching consoles since upgrading
>to svgalib-1.9.17, the worst thing that happens is that I have to quit out
>of Linrad (using ESC)and re-start it which only takes seconds.

In my case, I don't need to quit out of Linrad (using ESC) - see my 
previous post.
Thanks to svgalib-1.9.17!

>For my >particular hardware combination svgalib-1.9.17 has definitely been an


>I have also found that the OSS drivers are well worth the few
>dollars/euro/yen/dinar/pounds asked and seem to work very well with minimum
>configuration problems. The documentation for the mixers etc is very good.


I've been a Un*x fan for more than 15 years but I have never got success
in ALSA driver installation...don't know why, have tried many times, no joy! :-(

Kohjin - JR1EDE