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[linrad] leaving and returning to Linrad with impunity

I was able to leave wcw in Linrad and to return with no problems until I updated my version of svgalib. To do that I also had to update the kernel and OSS, and I had to switch from the nice r128.c driver replacement for svgalib.1.4.3 to the VESA driver. In fact, I could do this repeatedly. I was only aware of the problem from others' postings until I made the 'ugrade".

But I am happy, as giving this up is not a big deal to me. Having to reboot whenever I accidentally crossed two display boxes WAS a big deal ;)



Conrad G0RUZ wrote:

If I understand correctly is the problem for most people that they can't
switch to another console ie Alt F2 and then return to Linrad while it is
still running in console 1? I know I can't do that, I have to quit out of
Linrad to the first screen, I can't actually leave it running in weak signal
mode. When I say the first screen I mean the screen that has A=Weak signal
cw B=Normal cw etc. Can anyone actually leave it running in weak signal
mode? I cannot and would like to know how to.


Conrad G0RUZ

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I did not want to prematurely post details about graphics cards and drivers
without exhaustive testing but the recent posts suggest that I ought to. I
previously mentioned that I was using the older version of svgalib 1.4.3
and I configured it as VESA.  The card I am using is in fact the Radeon 7000
that is being discussed. I bought it on sale at MicroCenter for $39.95.
also had on the shelf PCI versions of the same board in case your
motherboard is
so old that it does not have an AGP slot.  So instead of hunting for the 3rd
party video driver and/or installing a later version of svgalib I am able to
1024x768 resolution running. But I cannot say that everything is finished.
I am
still testing the ability to leave the linrad screen while it is running and
to another window. So far I have been successful in getting to a command
login prompt but not back to linrad without rebooting. Kohjin is helping me
this. I also cannot get any sound out of my cards in linrad even though I
tested them independent of linrad using multimedia players and they both

Regarding Frys, they were running a sale last weekend for the same
motherboard I
am using: an ECS Mainboard P4VXASD2+  plus a retail boxed Intel P4-1.8GHz
fan) for a total price of $159.99   This board has a VIA chipset that had
difficulties when I tried RedHat 7.1 but now that I have purchased Mandrake
linux loaded perfectly and likes all the on-board hardware. I did have to
the OSS licenses for the two sound drivers I am using.

Rein Smit is coming here tonight and we will report on the results tomorrow.


Jeffrey Pawlan, WA6KBL

Roger Rehr
2 Merrymount Road
Reading, PA 19609