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Re: [linrad] User data contribution TNX

    Hi Matt.

     Not at all. I got confused by you earlier message about correcting or adding to your
     first contribution. So please send the first again. I am sorry.
     Even if you wanted to list the development cycle to the present result, we will happy

     to post it.
     Let me restate that this is not a LINUX development board, their are many of those
     on the internet as well as quite a few publications. This is to get people new to
     linux to get the LINRAD software to run so that they get results and will use it
     and work on the radio parts but not limited to that.
     This is a flexible deal and if you want to write a paper on how you reached a working

     system please do so.
     Generically I am very much interested in the factors and considerations that resulted

     in the computers being used

      73 Rein

Matt KB0VUK wrote:

> Maybe I caused some confusion, I sent data for 2 different systems.  I see
> that only the laptop info is there now.  Can I only submit one data set?
> 73  Matt  KB0VUK
> P.S.  I was deleting old files tonight and ran across 'userint.tar.gz'
> dated March 24, 2000; I *think* that was the first version of what is now
> called linrad, time sure flies!
> On Wednesday 22 January 2003 01:15, you wrote:
> >    Hello Matt, KB0VUK and All,
> >
> > On behalf of the future and new Linux/Linrad users I
> > like to express thanks for your corrected user data input.
> >
> > All input is welcome and a complete system inventory is a
> > great contribution for:
> >
> >    http://www.nitehawk.com/linrad_dat/
> >
> >    73 Rein W6/PA0ZN