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RE: [linrad] RE: Major revision. Linrad-01.18

Hello Stan,
The only other thing running should be the KDE desktop. 
Hmmm, could be many things in it. I always run from a terminal,
KDE does not run well on my smaller computers because it becomes
extremely slow due to all swapping it does.... 
My idle times are as follows:
.0459  [122]
.2174  [122]
.3825  [122]
.4030  [122]
.4266  [122]
Ooooh!!!  =.4 seconds. Far from real time processing;-)
I think KDE must be doing something it thinks you want done.
Could also be something with networks or whatever.
Very unlikely that this problem has anything to do with
Linrad itself.
Z reset
.0987  [122]
.0358  [122]
.3489  [122]
As you can see 8 milliseconds is fine but 45 milliseconds is too much.
Leif when not doing a "Z" I clear the error by left clicking the edge of the main display. I don't think I sould be using this reflector for this. Shall I email you direct if so what address should I use? 
I think this is of general interest. I can not really help because I do not know how to find out what is going on and how to remove things that are scheduled to happen now and then in the background.
You could turn off the swapp and see what happens - something might complain..........
If you want to stay under KDE, maybe someone else on this list knows how to make sure Linrad never looses more than about 20 milliseconds in a single interruption and that Linrad
will always get at least a few milliseconds between each interruption so it has time complete
it's slowest single task and take cate of the A/D and D/A buffers.
Leif / SM5BSZ