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[linrad] Progress: SUSE 9 and LINRAD

Hello the Net:

Progress is slow but I am sustaining progress.

Piece parts for the new computer are on hand and all parts working together.

SUSE 9 pro recognizes the Matrox millenium video card, the AC'97 audio on the motherboard,
the DELTA-44 soundcard, a SB PCI soundcard. video resolution 1024 x 768 easily achieved.

I loaded SUSE 9.0 Pro and have achieved getting the command line.

minimum load of SUSE does not have the dev tools needed, load all capabilities.
updatedb and locate commands were found and loaded from the distribution CDs

svgalib-1.4.3.tgz was loaded and processed. make install was successful (no errors indicated)
links (ln) as suggested, were made.
nasm-0.98.tgz was processed and make was successful without errors.

for LINRAD, lir01-15.tbz :
ls /mnt floppy file was present
mount /dev/fd0 /mnt/floppy mounted the floppy OK
cd /home
cp /mnt/floppy/lir01-15.tbz
umount /mnt/floppy
bunzip2 lir01-15.tbz unpacks OK, lots of files extracted
tar xvf lir01-15.tar
cd linrad-01.15
./configure lots of activity, prepares for compilation
make also lots of activity, then finally

make: *** [vgatest] error 1

any suggestion on what to do next ? How do I diagnose this error ?
Othe lesson learned, spaces are important, my printer probably using a proportional font
made spaces smaller initially suggesting to me that some command lines were with out spaces.
Spaces are important.

Stan, WA1ECF