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Re: [linrad] Mirroring of Waterfall

Hi, Sigurd,

Well after I had a chance to think I became less stupid [I think].  

My recollection is that I needed the display direction to be the opposite of what it was, due to how i was doing my lo injection.  So when I wrote the LinFT routine 'users_hwaredriver.c', I added a statement:

 fg.passband_direction = 1;

Which is fairly early in the user program.  I am pretty sure that putting this in caused the mirroring you saw.  Try commenting it out and see what happens.

If that doesn't work, try setting it to '0', or to '-1'.  I forget the list of values leif allowed.

It is documented somewhere, but I can't find it here at 'hilltop manor.'  I can't wait till i have the wifi link established to the house.  Dialup here isn't fun, either ;)

-roger rehr, w3sz

> I am trying to write a user defined routine so I can control my Kenwood
> TS-690S.
> I took the user.c program made a minor change to it and copied it to
> user_hwaredriver.c and did ./clean ./configure and a make.
> When I ran linrad, and tried to copy cw, I found the spectral data was
> between 20 KHz and 24 KHz, apparently mirroring around 1/2 my sample
> frequency of 48 KHz.  Spoke to Roger W3SZ about this and he said it might be
> a problem with the "Frequency Selection Box"
> Any ideas?
> tnx,
> Sigurd KJ1K