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RE: [linrad] Laptop

I completely agree with this.  Most are just HORRIBLE with
all sorts of ground loops, noise sources, etc.  I will not
use the laptop with any serious audio without the SB Extigy.
With the AC97 device enabled, I hear wheel mouse clicks,
and all sorts of other things during user interface. I am
running Win XP on that laptop but that has little to do
with noise sources.


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As Bob says, most do not have line input, and for those who have, I have
noticed that many have noise problems. In a NEC laptop I tested, the noise
(birdies) in one channel was so high that it could be heard when the
volume was increased.

A good way to test soundcard compatibility is to take a knoppix Linux CD
with you to the store. Better yet, insert a spectrum analyser (baudline is
a good choice) in the knoppix disk so that you can check for the noise


-- Edson, 7n4ncl