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RE: [linrad] Laptop


As Bob says, most do not have line input, and for those who have, I have
noticed that many have noise problems. In a NEC laptop I tested, the noise
(birdies) in one channel was so high that it could be heard when the
volume was increased.

A good way to test soundcard compatibility is to take a knoppix Linux CD
with you to the store. Better yet, insert a spectrum analyser (baudline is
a good choice) in the knoppix disk so that you can check for the noise


-- Edson, 7n4ncl

On Thu, 17 Jul 2003, Robert McGwier wrote:

> Leif:
> The most serious issue you will face is finding a
> laptop with a line in or stereo input.  Be very
> careful.  Most have a monoaural mike input and no
> real line in at all.  Almost all of the people I
> know that are doing I/Q work with the SDR-1000
> are using USB sound cards.  Of course SB makes
> two of them, SB MP3+ which is inexpensive and
> SB Extigy which is more expensive.
> The SB Extigy is supported with ALSA which I think
> you dislike but there it is.  For those with
> SB Extigy, really the ONLY way to get 24 bits out
> of it is to use the ALSA driver and linux. The
> Windoze drivers do not give real 24 bit support
> in directX though you are getting a higher quality
> (more linear) 16 bits.
> FYI, my current favorite 16 bit sound card is
> Turtle Beach Santa Cruz on the inexpensive side
> with good ALSA support.  ALSA does provide OSS
> compatibility modules now. This seems to work
> well here on those linux programs that insist
> on talking to OSS.
> Bob
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> Hi All,
> I would like to have a laptop on which I could run Linrad.
> When I ask the salesmen at the different companies selling these
> things, none of them has any idea at all whether there
> are drive routines available for Linux:(
> Is there anyone on the list who knows of a laptop that can
> sample at least 2 channels 16 bit at 48 kHz while running
> full duplex and which is supported by OSS or ALSA and that 
> also works with svgalib. The processor should be a PentiumIV 
> 1GHz or better. AMD Athlon or something else of similar speed 
> would be fine.
> 73
> Leif / SM5BSZ