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Re: [linrad] Laptop

Talk to the folks at www.powernotebook.com  I have just been through
this with them so they are well versed.

I decided to go with a laptop suited for other tasks and without stereo
inputs -- will be using a Creative MP3+ USB device instead.

73, doc kd4e

On Thu, 2003-07-17 at 13:39, Arie Dogterom wrote:
> Leif,
> The main problem probably will be to found a laptop which has an external
> stereo input. The rest will be less problematic.
> You probably will have to look for an older model like my old IBM TP390. But
> the processors of those machines in general are limited to around 300 MHz.
> The only other solution will be a laptop with an external ( pcmcia or USB)
> soundcard.
> 73
> Arie
> > I would like to have a laptop on which I could run Linrad.
> > When I ask the salesmen at the different companies selling these
> > things, none of them has any idea at all whether there
> > are drive routines available for Linux:(
> >
> > Is there anyone on the list who knows of a laptop that can
> > sample at least 2 channels 16 bit at 48 kHz while running
> > full duplex and which is supported by OSS or ALSA and that
> > also works with svgalib. The processor should be a PentiumIV
> > 1GHz or better. AMD Athlon or something else of similar speed
> > would be fine.
> >
> > 73
> >
> > Leif / SM5BSZ