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RE: [linrad] LINRAD

"Leif Asbrink" <leif.asbrink@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> schrieb:
> Hi All,
> > It is hard to know from the very terse description but it appears
> > that the Makefile generated by the ./configure script is trying
> > to run "autoconf".  If so this is a bug.  End users should 
> > _never_ need to have the GNU Auto tools packages installed.
> > 
> > Possably the date stamps were wrong when the Linrad package was
> > tarred up?  The maintainer needs to do a full build _and then_
> > use the "dist" target to build the distribution tar.gz file.
> I am not a programmer, nor a Linux gury so there are things
> in Linrad that more knowledgeable people could change.
> autoconf should not be needed unless any of the files
> Makefile.in
> conf.h.in
> configure.in
> is more recent than the configure file itself.
> The idea is that anyone who wants to change these files will have to
> have autoconf, but normal end users who do not change the .in files
> do not need it.
> I have no idea why it did not work for Heinz, something with the
> time stamps I guess, but the easy fix is to remove the last two
> lines of Makefile. If you do that, the .in files will not be used 
> at all.
I introduced myself into the usage of editors and did it as dicribed. It works like that.
Thank's to all.
Now I'm struggeling to get sound running.
It's hard for an olderly guy with an oldish computer to do all this, but I wouldn'd give up.

    73 Heinz, DM2BHG