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lin2ft webpage

Merry Christmas, All!

While waiting for clearance to take my wrapped gifts down and place them under the tree (I had to wait for the elves to finish their work first) I made up a small page on the little program (Lin2ft) to control transmitter frequency from Linrad. I put the source for both the C code that goes on the Linrad machine and the Visual Basic code that goes on the Windows machine on the webpage. The Visual Basic code works fine, but it is crude as I didn't declare all the variables, duplicated code instead of simply making a subroutine,etc. But it works fine here and would need to be modified for any hardware other than mine anyway, so I didn't spend the time to pretty it up.

the webpage is http://www.qsl.net/w3sz/lin2ft.htm .

Now that I've been given permission to place the gifts, I shall retire for a few hours ;)

Merry Christmas to All and to All a Good Night ;)


Roger Rehr
2 Merrymount Road
Reading, PA 19609