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Holiday GIfts

This is just a note in case some of you are looking for Holiday XMAS ideas to give your significant others. There has been a great series of articles in QEX on DSP techniques starting with the July / August 2002 issue. Leif has a series on Linrad that started in the Nov/Dec issue. I'd recommend subscribing and see if the ARRL can start your subscription with the back issue of July / August 2002. The link for QEX is:


QEX is $24 per year in the US.

There will be an article on Linrad from a user's point of view in the 4th Quarter 2002 issue of DUBUS, which should appear sometime early in 2003. I tried to make the article helpful for those starting out with Linrad. I have always found DUBUS to be a treasure trove of useful information, and recommend it highly on the basis of past experience. DUBUS information is at


. Kyle Britain is the contact person for the USA.
His address is listed as:

Kyle Britain, KB5UBE, 1626 Vineyard Rd, Grand Prairie, TX 75052 U.S.A.

dubususa@xxxxxxxxxxx is reported to be his email for this purpose.

What does DUBUS mean? http://www.marsport.demon.co.uk/history.htm gives the answer.

I think DUBUS is about $30 per year for the US (that was the rate in 2001 for 2002).


Roger Rehr
2 Merrymount Road
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